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Buying a child’s bedroom is always exciting: creating a safe nest for our most beloved people. We want our children or our boys and girls to be at ease in their bedroom, surrounded by wellness.

Every bedroom for children and teens must always meet the different needs of play and study. Even the bed must provide maximum comfort at every stage of their growth.

Three-quarter bed: ideal for children and teens.

The three-quarter bed is perfect for spacious bedrooms. If you have a large area available, the three-quarter bed is a farsighted purchase for the bedroomof boys and girls who need a comfortable but above all large bed.

Three-quarter beds: sizes.

Three-quarter beds have three main sizes:

– small three-quarter bed: 110 x 190 cm;
– standard three-quarter bed: 120 x 190 cm;
– large three-quarter bed: 130 x 190 cm.

This type of bed is bigger than a single bed (90×190 cm) but smaller than a double bed (160 x 190 cm). The three-quarter bed is the solution that will give your child perfect comfort even in a few years from now.

Duomo Design three-quarter beds for teens: choosing guide.

Each Duomo Design single bed can be a three-quarter bed and therefore fit into your kids’ bedroom.

You can choose a three-quarter padded bed, such as the one in the Lera collection, which has a very soft goose down pillow for the headboard.

Duomo Design has three-quarter beds with storage available. An example is the romantic collection Elettra.

It is important to remember that every Duomo Design single bed can be a three-quarter bed and have storage, very useful for having a tidier kids’ bedroom.

Finally, you can choose a three-quarter bed in different styles: more elegant and classic, like the Parigi collection, or more minimalist and innovative, like the Ala collection.

The Duomo Design single beds are always the best solution for the optimal rest of your children growing up.