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A padded design bed is the best solution for those who have the habit of sitting on the bed, for example to read or watch TV. Duomo Design offers padded beds with a modern and innovative design, which meet the need to have a refined and very comfortable bedroom.

Padded design bed: types and characteristics.

The padded bedis called this way because it has a structure with a soft and fluffy padding.

A padded headboardis especially appreciated by those who like to read or sit comfortably on the bed. The headboard of a padded bed has the same comfort of a soft sofa. A padded bed generally has a rather large bed frame: for this reason there are many types of padded beds with storage, very useful for those who need a space-saving solutionin the bedroom.

Padded bedscan be either singleor double: a design bed with padding is not restricted to particular sizes and dimensions.

Padded design bedscan be in leather, eco-friendly leather, or fabric. In particular, the covering of the padded beds in fabric is removableand easily washable.

A padded bed is practicaland its maintenance is very easy.

The design of the padded beds.

A padded bed lends itself to any design style. For example, the capitonné padding is typical of a classical style.

The Roma and Parigi collections have a padded headboard characterized by this type of detail, even if the classic inspiration has been integrated into a modern and elegant design. A padded bed with modern design opens up many style opportunities.

The headboard can be made up of a single block in a minimalist style as in the case of the Noa collection.

The Scarlett double bed instead has a headboard characterized by clean lines and single reclining cushions, to let you find the most comfortable, customized seat.

The padding of the Scarlett model has a 3-cm-thick Memory Foam layer. The comfort of the seat is truly amazing, because the Memory Foam supports the body, adapting naturally to your anatomical structure.

The Ala single bed has an ergonomic headboard, while the Fiaba collection has a fluid and romantic line that inspires tenderness and invites you to dream.

The Lera Soft single bed has real goose down padding: it is perfect for those who want absolute softness and prefer natural materials.

Why choose a padded design bed?

Choosing a design bedis certainly a declaration of style and personality. A padded design bed adds softness and functionality to the beauty of form.

If you are looking for a double bed, choosing a padded bedhelps your posture if you want to sit comfortably on the bed, perhaps to read or watch TV, and guarantees comfort that can also be customized differently for each person in bed.

If instead you are interested in a single bed for children or teens, a padded design bedis the perfect choice to let them study or watch TV or the computer in total comfort.

Another reason to choose a padded design bed is its practicality: padded beds with storage are loved because they make it so that you can easily store objects that would otherwise be bulky and occupy too much space around the house.

Finally, the Duomo Design padded beds are easy to clean: in the case of a padded headboard in fabric you can remove the covering and easily remove any stains. If you choose a padded headboard in leather or eco-friendly leather, a damp sponge is all you are going to need.

For any padded design bed you are looking for, you can find your style solution with Duomo Design.