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Collection 2021


An itinerary that showcases the Duomo Design collection in transforming your home with an innovative look while respecting the environment. Inspiration: Green attraction. The desire for total freedom: flight, the beauty of the expanse of the rolling Tuscan hills, vertical gardens like three-dimensional pictures which lift the setting. 

Know-how, a love of detail, continual technological innovation of solutions in line with our sustainable philosophy. The Duomo Design itinerary continues and showcases shapes, the feel of the material: the textures of the fabrics interact with the colours of the aluminium structure, the softness of the leather, the sophisticated elegance of the metals, the perception of wood, the reflections of mirrors.

Duomo Design has chosen to use eco-friendly aluminium in the new collection of designs, continuing its path with the LERA brand and expanding its selection.
Emotions and 100% Made in Italy, top-quality materials.

The new Collection


Lera Dream

Sistema Scacco